Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Rockabilly Rebel-Fotoshooting

Aloha ihr Lieben,

My Mama don´t like it, the way i comb my hair,
Papa think I´am crazy, in the clothes I wear
It´s a hit come on records and I play it all day
But I´m what I am and I´m gonna keep rockin´ that way

I´m a rockabilly rebel from head to toe
I gotta keep a-rockin´ everywhere I go
Everybody join us, we´re good company
Be a real cool cat, be a rockabilly rebel like me


Fotos und Bearbeitung: Hanja Li von Inspiration Online
Haare und Make-Up: Mrs.Retromuffin
Schmuck. Glitter Paradise 
Outfit: Rumble 59

Lets rock, Eure Jen

2 Kommentare:

MK hat gesagt…

WOW! Saucoole Photos!!!

Miss Emmi Moonshine hat gesagt…

Klasse.Ich liebe deine Mimik.

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